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For Sale By Owner - buy direct!

Property for sale by owner...
Cut out the middle man, and quatro casino bonus avoid the wait for a development to be completed. Buy property directly from the owner!

Regal Palms Resort Development
Regal Oaks Resort Development
Regal Lakes Resort Development
Oakmont Resort Development

NOTE: We have many more developments with property for sale available which we will tell you about when you contact us. Villas are bought each day and the pool of property for sale changes, so you can only make an informed decision based on an inspection visit. Let us help you to make the right choice.


Properties for sale in Florida - buy in Orlando

Property For Sale Orlando Florida - Pool PictureProperty for sale in Orlando Florida has never been so diverse in the range of options provided. Contact us now, and we will guide you revel casino bonus through the options and the process of finding and buying your dream Orlando vacation home in Florida.

While villas and townhouses on developments are still popular, there is a trend to provide extra facilities in the form of a resort development. These often include a gated entrance, a large luxurious clubhouse, and features such as a large communal pool with lazy river. This means your villa or townhouse is more than a base at which to sleep. The resort development is an integral part of your holiday experience. Have a look at our developments at Regal Palms Resort, Regal Lakes, The Shire Westhaven and Regal Oaks for examples of quality homes in a luxury setting.

NOTE: Get great currency exchange rates!!

<< If you have been thinking about buying a property in Florida, there has never been a better time in recent years to exchange money from UK pounds to US dollars. Sterling is at a high value against many other currencies, so if you are considering buying a property in Orlando Florida, this is a good time to change your money. We would advise you to check out Moneycorp who provide a wide range of currency facilities at good rates. >>

Properties for sale in Florida and Orlando will ensure you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime while your villa makes money as an investment when you rent it out! We have properties for sale in all areas of Orlando Florida, and if you want to benefit from the strength of the Sterling pound against the US dollar then this is an excellent time to buy a property.

The process of buying a property is similar to that in the UK, with the main difference being the speed at which the US construction company, mortgage brokers, furniture suppliers and pool companies can create a package for you without waiting weeks for administration.


Why Buy Properties for sale in Florida?

If you can afford to buy a holiday villa or second property, you have the whole world to choose from. We believe that Orlando Florida offers advantages that other destinations cannot offer, making it one of the best areas in the World to buy a villa or investment property. The benefits include:
A legal system which is similar in ethos to that in the UK. The words may change but the sentiments are the same.
The strength of the Sterling pound against the US dollar. Even if this fluctuates, villas and condos in Orlando Florida are still good value for money.
The availability of management companies which make the process of buying a property and maintaining it from the other side of the Atlantic a realistic and even relaxed option.
The quality of construction and finish is high as the USA is one of the most discerning markets in which to do business. Building companies in Florida have big competition and so must deliver on property quality and price.
The potential for rental income from your investment is huge as there is an ever growing number of tourists travelling to Orlando Florida to visit the theme parks, shopping malls and golf courses.
Properties for sale in Florida Orlando

The benefits of buying a property in Florida through us.

If you are buying a property abroad the purchase process can seem daunting.. We give you as much support as you want and make the purchase process easy. The benefits we offer include:

Buying from one of the largest developers in Florida, with many years experience and a solid reputation.
We believe in low pressure sales. If you want to buy a property in Florida we will help you all we can, but you drive the process. We will give you lots of information and hold your hand - not push you.
We can arrange inspection visits, and if you buy a property from us we will provide a refund towards flight costs - see inspection visits
If you are coming to Florida on holiday let us know and we can integrate property viewings with your busy holiday schedule.
We can provide you with information on a range of mortgage options. We will provide advice on a case by case basis.
When you purchase a property we can organise management and cleaning services, so you have peace of mind when you are not staying there yourself.

In short, there are few problems you will come across that we haven't encountered before and can't provide you with a solution for!

How Can I Buy a Property in Florida?

The process of buying properties for sale in Florida is similar to the stages in buying a home in the UK. The pitfalls are also similar. It is important not to over-stretch yourself financially, and to ensure that you can afford the deposit and subsequent mortgage. Having said that, we have been amazed at how efficient the builders, pool companies, furniture dealers and mortgage providers are at making it all happen in a short space of time. In our experience, most are keen to help. Buying a property in Orlando Florida involves the following steps:
Florida property
If you do not intend to pay for the property in cash, check that you can provide the deposit and closing costs, and will be able to maintain payments on the mortgage.
   more on finance...
When you've checked you can afford the investment, view the information on properties for sale and developments in Orlando on our web site to determine the type of property or villa you would like to buy. The availability of property changes on a daily basis, and we can let you know what is currently available and what is likely to be available when you visit Orlando. Complete the enquiry form requesting information on Florida villas and we will ensure you receive the correct information about suitable villas, condos and resale homes.
   request information...
Arrange an inspection visit to Orlando Florida and view both new property developments and resale homes. You may know what style of property or condo you want or you may wish to view a wide range. We can ensure you see a good selection of properties for sale which. We can also help with arranging flights and accommodation.
NOW - if you wish to buy a property in Orlando Florida and you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland in the UK, or in the Republic of Ireland, contact us and let us help you find your dream villa. Properties for sale in Florida are waiting for you
Need a villa to rent while you view property in Orlando Florida? Visit to live in comfort while you explore! With four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a heated pool, this luxury villa at Orange Tree is the perfect Orlando rental.

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