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Financing your villa purchase in Orlando Florida must be a priority deciding to buy a property. Whether you are paying for your villa in cash or we can advise you on the pros and cons of the various options. You will need to consider questions like:

Do I choose a US mortgage or a UK mortgage?
Do I pay a 25% deposit, a 30% deposit or more? What are the implications?
What are 'closing costs' and how much are they likely to be?
Will the income from letting my villa pay for the mortgage?
How do I open a US bank account through which to pay my bills?

We will guide you through all stages of organising your mortgage and finance.

'I haven't got upwards of £55000 in my bank account for a deposit'
Not many people do - but what you can do is to look for other ways to raise the money, a very common practice in this age of multiple home ownership. One common method is to release capital tied up in your own house, which may well have appreciated since you first took out your mortgage. By increasing the mortgage on your own house you can release the capital needed for the deposit on a second home. Another option is to buy the villa with another friend or family, sharing the cost of the deposit. Whichever method you choose, it is important that you don't overstretch yourself financially and consider the process carefully. Many people can make it happen with a little imagination.

Finance your villa purchase in Orlando Florida and stay in our luxury rental villa during your inspection visit!

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