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 NOTE: Prices and specification for these villas are given in good faith, but may change at any time.


Planning Inspection Visits to Florida

When buying a property in Florida or any other country abroad, it is important to have prepared well before an inspection visit so that you gain maximum benefit from your trip. You may have been to Florida on holiday before, but you must look at the island through different eyes when buying a property, and good preparation is vital. Happily we can help you with this and are happy to subsidise inspection trips for villa purchasers

  • Check your finances to ensure you have sufficient funds available with which to buy a property, or as a deposit for a mortgage. We can give advice on mortgages which will suit your circumstances.
  • While the legal framework is straightforward, ensure you are familiar with the process of buying a property in Florida. We can give you general advice, and if you have particular questions or gaps in your knowledge, we can discuss these on your visit.
  • Decide on the type of property you want to buy, considering your lifestyle and available budget. We have many more properties available than are displayed on this site, and once we establish your requirements we can show you the range available.
  • Plan your travel and accommodation. If you buy a property through us we will refund £200 towards air tickets, and can arrange accommodation for your inspection visit. Contact us for details.


During Your Inspection Visit to Florida

An inspection trip is often only a short visit, and it is important to use your time effectively. We can help make the process easier in many ways:

  • We can provide transport between the airport and your accommodation, ensuring you get off to a good start.
  • We can collect you at your accommodation and show you a range of villas or apartments to suit your requirements and budget.
  • You decide in your own time if you want to buy. If you're happy you will tell others about our property and services.
  • Most importantly, we do not pressurise you to buy property - if you're happy we're happy.


After You Buy a Property in Florida

One question which always comes up is 'What happens when I go home - who looks after my property?'. Fortunately we have that problem solved in that we can arrange for management and cleaning of your property.

In short we offer a complete service before, during and after your purchase. Contact us now to start the process of buying your own place in the sun.

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