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Orlando Florida is rich in animals, birds and natural habitats. Take the opportunity to experience a natural environment which is different from most others. Because Florida experiences tropical weather, the wildlife is more exotic that that found in colder climates. Alligators, pink flamingos and manatees are some of the many species of wildlife found in Orlando

See alligators in their natural environment, or view them up close at a park such as Gatorland. You will see them many times in the wild as you drive along side lakes and waterways. Alligators do live in the wild in Florida, so be careful about where you swim. If you want to swim in a lake or waterway, check out the local knowledge first.

Florida is renowned for its pink flamingos and there is no better place to see them than Busch Gardens. Here they roam freely among the visitors to the park. Disney Animal Kingdom is also worth a visit if you want to see all that Florida has to offer in wildlife viewing.


If you are interested in sea and aquatic life, Sea World is a must visit. The dolphins are the big attraction, but there is a wide range of fish and mammals on display, including the loveable manatees.

Whatever your interests in wildlife, Orlando Florida has a rich variety of animals, plants and birds to appreciate and enjoy.

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