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 Rent a car in Orlando Florida

Orlando car rental and Florida car rental is simple and relatively inexpensive. Orlando is also a relaxed area in which to drive, and is much friendlier than European cities. When booking a car remember to allow for luggage as well as people, however the journey from Sanford Airport or Orlando International Airport to the Disney or Kissimmee area is not long and you will only be crowded for a short time. Orlando car rental and Florida car rental makes an Orlando holiday special.

When you book a car from any supplier it is a good idea to plan the booking carefully. If you book in advance you have the benefit of comparing prices and costs without the pressure of a fast decision. You may be offered an upgrade on your vehicle or decide at the desk to upgrade your initial choice. It's good at this point to have your original price list available to compare their 'special offer'. You may also be aware that petrol or gas is relatively cheap in the US. This doesn't always seem to extend to car rental companies, and you will probably save money by taking your car with minimum fuel and filling it yourself. If it is full when you rent it, fill it again before you return to leave it at the airport on departure.

Don't skimp on car insurance. The last thing you want is to have a great holiday and end up having to pay for car repairs or legal fees.

If you're from the UK want to use Orlando car rental and Florida car rental but are worried about driving on the right hand side of the road, it's not a big problem - just follow the traffic at junctions until you get used to it. Most major roads around Orlando are dual carriageway and there are no roundabouts, just traffic lights.

Safety advice is the same as for most areas of the world:
- Keep your car doors locked while driving
- If you get lost, stop at a petrol / gas station, shop or well lit area with lots of people around.
- Never leave the keys in your car if you put even one foot outside it.
- Don't leave valuables in sight of passers by. Put them in the boot / trunk.
- Carry your identification, drivers licence and insurance documents with you. Don't leave them at your villa.

For a travel around I4, highway 192 and International Drive Orlando car rental and Florida car rental is vital.

For booking Orlando car rental and Florida car rental we suggest you look at Dollar and explore Orlando and Florida in comfort. We have used them personally and have found their service to be excellent. UK visitors will appreciate the air conditioning! Orlando car rental and Florida car rental makes trips to Publix and Walmart a joy.

Rent a Car for your Holiday in Orlando Florida and stay in our luxury rental villa!

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